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Window Railings

security grilles windows and French doors

The installation of railings in correspondence of windows and French doors can be very useful for optimizing the safety of buildings, especially if they are located on the ground floor and overlook public land. Today technology offers the most varied anti-theft solutions, however gratings remain one of the most effective alternatives provided, of course, that you opt for quality products.

But how can the consumer assess the reliability of these windows?

Table of contents

  • Evaluate the quality of the security grates
  • What grates with burglary resistance class 1, 2 and 3 offer
  • The 3 best burglary resistance classes 4, 5 and 6
  • Other useful information for those interested in security grates

Evaluate the quality of the security grates

It is certainly good advice to move towards the proposals of the most renowned brands, at the same time it is completely legitimate that the aesthetic aspect is also considered in the choice, however it is very useful to underline that there is an objective and easily consulted parameter that allows you to know at what point a grating is able to resist break-in attempts.

The parameter in question is the so-called anti-burglary class, a staircase made up of 6 classes, from the worst to the most performing; References to this classification can be found in practically all the technical contents concerning window grilles, such as those present on the website of the Infuse Lombardi company.

Before purchasing a security grating, it is therefore very important to find out which is the anti-burglary class to which it belongs, so we immediately discover the guarantees that the grilles belonging to these 6 classes can offer.

What grates with burglary resistance class 1, 2 and 3 offer

The railings belonging to class 1 are able to withstand break-in attempts carried out exclusively with muscular strength, without the aid of any tool; in order for a window or door to fall into this category, it is therefore sufficient to pass a simple static and dynamic load test.

The Class 2 includes railings able to resist the attempts of burglary conducted over a time span of fifteen minutes by a burglar “beginner” using simple tools in common use, such as screwdrivers and saws.

The class 3 is even more reliable, both because its resistance is higher temporally, amounting to 20 minutes, and because it can withstand attempts of burglary carried out with the most formidable instruments than those mentioned above, such as a crowbar or a manual drill.

The 3 best burglary resistance classes 4, 5 and 6

Performance is further improved in class 4, since the grates belonging to it are able to withstand even break-ins by expert burglars through the use of hammers, hatchets, chisels and portable drills.

In this burglary resistance class, the resistance time also increases, amounting to 30 minutes.

In class 5 the break-in time of the railings rises to 40 minutes and this type of fixtures can also cope with the forcing performed by expert burglars with very dangerous electrical tools, such as a cutting wheel.

To conclude, the class 6 security gratings are able to withstand break-in attempts performed for 50 minutes by expert burglars through the use of the most dangerous electric tools, such as powerful electric drills.

Other useful information for those interested in security grates

It is therefore very important that these indicators are well known to those who need to purchase safety gratings: they are assigned exclusively following specific tests, therefore the assignments of the classes they belong to are to be considered completely reliable and objective. It can only be useful to underline that the installation of safety gratings is one of the building interventions that can be carried out without any request for authorization. Furthermore, those who buy this kind of windows can take advantage of the advantageous tax incentives currently available; two further reasons, these, to improve the safety of their properties through the installation of specific railings.