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What to look for when visiting an apartment?

Choosing an apartment to buy is something that requires attention, after all you will probably spend a lot of time with it, you need to make sure you are making the right choice.

That’s why we’ll explain everything you need to analyze when visiting an apartment.

But before seeing the apartment, you need to analyze its surroundings, the region where you will live.

Of course, we do a pre-selection of the region on the internet beforehand, but before buying an apartment, take a walk around the region, see nearby businesses, street lighting, neighboring buildings and noise pollution.

Now, when visiting the apartment, there are different options, you can be visiting a decorated or model apartment, let’s explore both situations.

Decorated apartment

decorated fit model

Visiting a decorated apartment usually happens when the development is in the launch phase, that is before construction begins.

If you want to understand the different phases of a real estate project, we made a story explaining everything.

The decor is usually mounted on the land where the building will be built and have all the dimensions of the fit that will later be made available for purchase.

Visiting a decorator helps you to understand the space much better, to have a perspective of the furniture that can be placed and the decoration that can be done.

It is important for you to assess whether the space meets your expectations and will meet your needs, including whether the size of the furniture that the fit holds, such as cabinets, will be adequate.

This is the time to clear up all your doubts, ask the broker for everything that will be delivered with the fit, sink, counter, covering, etc.

This is also the time to ask if it is possible to make changes to the floor plan, such as removing a wall, to enlarge a space. Many changes can be made, so don’t hold back, ask a lot.

It is important to point out that the removal of the wall can only be done when we are talking about a conventional wall, there are also structural walls, which are vital for the support of the building and therefore cannot be moved.

Apartment built

fit without furniture

At this point you will visit an apartment that is ready, maybe even the unit you are considering. Usually, the fits in this scenario will not be furnished or decorated.

This is the time to inspect everything, see if the painting was done well if the varnish was done correctly and if there are no scratches anywhere.

It’s important to analyze the level of the floor, a trick for this is to leave a door ajar, if it starts to move by itself, it’s not ghosts, but a sign of unevenness.

Also, check the windows, they should be closing gently and well-sealed so you don’t suffer from unwanted drafts on cold days.

Take a cell phone charger, with it you can test that all outlets are working. Look out for 220-volt outlets, they must be marked.

Turn on all faucets, let the water run for a while, and check for leaks.

Check flushing and shower operation.

A good tip is to throw water on the floor in places that have a drain. This is good for you to assess whether the water is running down the drain, an important test to do because then you will be the one who will need to keep a squeegee, pushing the water whenever it gets wet.

This is also the time to look at the view and see if it pleases you.

Besides that, it is important to analyze the solar incidence, we made an article talking better about this subject.