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What is the subordinate employment contract for employees

The Subordinate Employment Agreement for Employees regulates the employment relationship between an employer and an employee (clerk, worker or manager). The employee (or subordinate worker) undertakes, for a fee, to collaborate in the company, providing his own intellectual or manual work to the employees and under the direction of the entrepreneur (Article 2094 of the Italian Civil Code).

The discipline of the subordinate employment relationship is contained in the civil code (articles 2094-2129 cc) and in the special laws, including law n. 604/1966, the statute of workers (law n. 300/1970), the Jobs Act and, recently, the Dignity Decree.

Employee work is also regulated by national collective labor agreements (CCNL) which are stipulated by employers’ organizations (Confindustria, Confcommercio, etc.) and by trade unions (CGIL, CISL, UIL, etc.). The application of collective agreements is mandatory only if the employer is registered with one of the associations that have stipulated them.

When using the employment contract

The employment contract is used when a company, a professional firm, or a professional wants to hire a worker.

It can be used in any industry. For example, for employees in the trade sector (tertiary, distribution, and services), industry and metalworkers, the tourismhotel, and public businessescredit or professional firms of any type (economic, legal, medical or technique).

Our subordinate employment contract can be used both for permanent work, i.e. without a predetermined duration, and for fixed-term work, i.e. for predetermined periods of less than 12 months. The contract can be used for both full-time and part-time employment, for example, for work during certain days of the week or hours of the day. Furthermore, the contract may provide for smart working (or agile work), to allow the employee to work remotely, without the time and place constraints.

This employment contract cannot be used for managers, for whom there is a specific employment contract. Furthermore, it cannot be used in place of a freelance contract that is used for a worker who operates independently and is not directed by any employer (an external marketing consultant, a freelance photographer, etc.).

What does the model of employment contract contain?

Our employment contract meets all legal requirements. The main clauses included concerns:

  • Level, qualification, and duties: a description of the activities that the employee will be expected to perform
  • Duration: to choose between indefinite or fixed term
  • Trial period: the first period of work, with fewer constraints for the termination of the relationship, to verify that both employer and employee are satisfied
  • Working hours: with the possibility to choose between full-time and part-time
  • Smart working (or agile work): for remote work and to balance work times with private life (work-life balance)
  • The monthly wage of the worker: with a guide for respecting the minimum wages
  • Bonus: the ability to grant the employee a discretionary annual bonus
  • Commission: the option of providing an economic incentive on sales made by the employee
  • Non-competition agreement: the possibility of limiting the worker’s competitive activity for the period following the termination of the contract
  • Holidays and leave
  • Food stamps

Once you have downloaded your contract we will guide you step by step to complete all the necessary subsequent obligations. Furthermore, as an additional service, we will be able to help you in starting and maintaining the employment relationship correctly (payslips, contributions, etc.).

Information you need

All employer and employee data are required to complete the contract.

Remember that our service does not generate a simple facsimile employment contract. Based on your choices, the system automatically draws up a customized contract model for your exact needs, guaranteeing its legal correctness.

The document can be modified in all its parts without time limits. Don’t worry so if you don’t have all the information available right away, you can always enter it later.

Other names

  • Letter of employment or Letter of commitment to hire
  • Contract for office workers, workers, executives
  • Permanent employment contract
  • Fixed-term or temporary employment contract
  • Smart working contract
  • Contract with increasing protections (Jobs Act)
  • Employment contract for professional studies (economic, legal, medical, technical)
  • Trade, or tertiary, distribution and services employment contract
  • Industry employment contract
  • Metalworkers employment contract
  • Hotel and tourist employment contract
  • Credit work contract

Other useful templates and facsimiles

  • Contract of Employment on Call: to use the employee’s work at intervals of time, as needed
  • Executives Employment Agreement: to hire a manager or executive
  • Non-Competition Agreement for Employees and Executives: to prohibit the employee from going to a competitor after the termination of the employment relationship
  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement: To protect the information you share with your employees
  • Corporate Welfare Plan: to increase the well-being of a company’s employees and collaborators through the provision of benefits and services
  • Employee Dismissal Letter: to notify an employee of the termination of the employment relationship