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What is the Commercial Lease Agreement with Cedolare Secca?

The Commercial Lease Agreement with Cedolare Secca is an agreement by which one party, the lessor, makes available to the other, tenant or tenant, a property for the exercise of a commercial activity upon payment of a sum of money (canon).

The dry coupon for commercial leases can only be chosen for lease contracts stipulated in 2019 and for its extensions (6 + 6 or 9 + 9). In fact, this regime was repealed by the 2020 budget law. Therefore, the dry coupon can no longer be applied for leases stipulated from 2020 onwards.

This document is often mistakenly called a commercial lease with a dry coupon. However, the lease should not be confused with the rent. The latter in fact has as its object a movable or productive immovable property (such as cultivated land, or a company).

When using the commercial lease with coupon dry

This lease contract for use other than residential can be used for various different situations, from exercising a profession to carrying out a business activity. The commercial lease cannot be used to make residential use of the property. In fact, to rent a house or an apartment you use the lease contract for residential use or the lease contract for guesthouse use for employees and collaborators.

It is possible to choose the dry coupon regime for commercial leases stipulated by 31 December 2019 and only when the lease concerns properties classified in the cadastral category C / 1 (shops and shops). In addition, the property must have a maximum area of 600 square meters, excluding the appurtenances (eg cellars, garages, attics). The commercial lease with a coupon can have both the ordinary duration (6 years renewable for another 6 or 9 + 9) and a shorter duration in the case of a transitory lease.

This contract is a variant of the ordinary commercial lease that can be used instead for any category of commercial real estate and without any area limit in square meters.

What does the transitional lease agreement model for use other than residential contain?

Our commercial lease meets all legal requirements. The main clauses included concerns:

  • Object: the description of the property with the cadastral identifiers
  • Destination of the property: the precise description of the use for which the property is granted
  • Rent: indication of the amount to be paid for the use of the property (normally indicated in an annual amount with partial payment in advance installments)
  • Duration: it will be possible to choose between a normal contract (whose minimum duration is 6 years or 9 in the case of hotel business) or a transitional contract for periods not exceeding 18 months. Our interview covers all these cases and helps you to always select the most suitable duration.
  • Cedolare Secca: the owner of the property can adopt the subsidized tax regime at 21% taxation for the rent
  • Furniture: if the property is furnished, it is possible to attach a list of all the furniture and furnishings included in the lease
  • Withdrawal: the possibility for the landlord to grant the tenant the right to dissolve the contract before its natural expiry
  • Deposit or surety: the landlord can ask the tenant for a sum of money (deposit) or a surety to guarantee the obligations provided for in the contract
  • Sublease: the lessor may grant the tenant the right to sublease in whole and in part to other subjects the leased property
  • Direct contacts with the public: the activity that must be carried out in the property may, by its nature, involve contact with an indistinct public of users and consumers (e.g. bars, retail shops, etc.)
  • Insurance: the lessor can ask the tenant to take out an insurance policy to cover the risk of damage to the property.

Furthermore, after the purchase, we will guide you step by step through all the subsequent formalities necessary for your lease to be duly constituted and registered.

Information you need

To complete the contract, the personal data of the landlord and tenant are required. It is also necessary to have the cadastral details of the property (during the interview, the help will explain where to find the information you need).

The document can be modified free of charge in all its parts without time limits. Don’t worry so if you don’t have all the information available during the interview, you can always enter it later.

Other names

  • Commercial lease
  • Location 6 + 6 or 9 + 9
  • Commercial lease with free or industrial rent
  • Commercial lease with dry coupon
  • Transitional commercial lease
  • Contract for temporary shop
  • Commercial sublease agreement

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