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To gain space and see the world – When the window steals the show

The window!

It may be a commonplace item, often overlooked, but it has inspired thousands of songs (you’ll remember some). If viewed from a poetic point of view, the windows are our eyes to the world, which connects us with the outer reality. In practice, they play a vital role: providing light and ventilation.

When architects and designers decide to exploit the maximum potential of these elements, the windows become the biggest attraction of the project. See a few times when this happened.

One more function

Aldana Ferrer, architect and industrial designer, created a concept of windows to improve lighting, expand the view and gain space in small spaces.

The “Hopper Niche” model resembles an accordion that expands outwards. The structure is strong enough to support a person sitting or leaning and when open, it becomes a small space for rest and contemplation.

With the same function, the “Casement Niche” model works as a small revolving door, in which you can sit and swivel outwards.

The professional also designed the “Awning Niche”. The model is very similar to the popular maxim-ar, but has a support at the bottom, allowing the user to lean on and have a larger view of the outdoor area.

All the light you can have

When you find the right light in the right direction, the window deserves to be a little bigger. Thinking well…. Why not the entire wall?

If space on the walls is limited, the light gap needs to find its place.

More common in cold countries where a sloping roof is required, the windows on the roof are an outlet for lighting and can provide a beautiful view of the stars.

In some cases, the window can even become a small balcony.

Beautiful to see

In a good architectural project, the window does not become something to be disguised or solved with decorative devices. On the contrary, it favors and often becomes the decorative element itself.

Window to be

This little-used solution in Brazil creates a small living space by the window to rest and enjoy the view.

The soul of the building

When valued and integrated into the concept, windows can become the soul of the project. Colors, dimensions and depths dictate the rhythm and personality of the building’s facade.