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Stairlift or stairlift maintenance

stairlift safety

Whether installed inside a single house or on the stairs of an apartment building, the stairlift remains a fundamental tool for many elderly people or people with a motor disabilities. These allow you to move easily in an environment with stairs.

The stairlifts, first of all, are devices that move through a guide along an inclined plane. They usually have an autonomous built-in battery, which allows them to function even in situations of power failure. This aspect should not be underestimated if we consider the case of a person who cannot move independently.

Main types of stairlifts also for condominiums

building interventions overcoming architectural barriers in condominium

The main types of stairlifts are those with armchairs, suitable for people with difficulty in moving, and those with a platform, ideal for those who are forced to move only with the help of a wheelchair.

The maintenance of the stairlift is not an aspect to be underestimated, as it is governed by real legislation, which also involves penalties for those who do not comply. Together with these, there are rules that can be used every day in order to extend the useful life of these tools as much as possible.

From a regulatory point of view, the maintenance of a stairlift includes obligations identical to those to which the owners of an elevator are subjected. In this case, reference is made to Presidential Decree 162/99, subsequently amended with Presidential Decree 214/10. The obligations, in this case, are foreseen for the owner of the stairlift or alternatively for the legal representative, and concern:

  • The forwarding of the request to obtain the registration number in the Municipality,
  • Biennial State Verification
  • Extraordinary checks in the event of construction changes
  • Contact with specialized maintenance firms for control

Maintenance regulation

Another important legislation on stairlifts finds its basis in the Ministerial Decree of 14 June 1989, n. 236 (Technical requirements necessary to guarantee the accessibility, adaptability, and visitability of private buildings and subsidized and facilitated public residential buildings, for the purpose of overcoming and eliminating architectural barriers). This decree also deals with the issue of free construction to install a stairlift also in the condominium.

The companies contacted for the maintenance of a stairlift, in this case, are required to verify the operation of all the mechanisms that compose it, both electrical and mechanical, and in particular the condition of the chains and ropes.

Other aspects to take into account when carrying out maintenance on a stairlift (which at least in Italy should be carried out regularly every 6 months) are:

  • Check the condition of the lifts and elevators at least once a year
  • Clean and lubricate the handrail and floor attachments.
  • Check that the control devices are working properly (starting from the remote control)
  • Check that the movement is correct and that it is correctly aligned

Stairlift: Here are the tips to extend its life

maintenance of a stairlift

The stairlifts, as we have seen, are subject to regulations and standards that allow us to guarantee their regular maintenance. There are also a whole series of good rules that we should periodically consider in order to extend the useful life of our stairlift. Here are some simple rules reported by the Montascale2C company, to which we asked for an opinion for the occasion.

  1. Usually, the stairlift should be used for the normal transport of a person with disabilities, but there are not rare cases in which it is decided to use it to transport objects whose weight could even exceed that allowed. Therefore, be careful not to exceed the load, in order to avoid creating an overload of the motor and of the entire structure. Consider that even in lifts there is a very similar rule relating to the total transportable weight, it is sufficient to follow the same type of reasoning.
  2. Each person who uses a stairlift can also independently check if there are any obstructions or dirt along the rail on which the structure moves. If there are elements, even very small and difficult to detect, dangerous obstructions can be created that can compromise the correct functioning of the stairlift.
  3. In the event that you notice a break of any kind, do not hesitate and contact the maintenance company in charge immediately, in order to avoid worsening the situation.
  4. Finally, let’s not forget to pay attention to the good condition of the battery, avoiding disconnecting the stairlift or using it with a battery charger that is not yet optimal, in order to guarantee its life for longer.