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Plasterboard ceilings

In this article, even before focusing on the aesthetic suggestions for those who are about to characterize the ceilings of their home with the insertion of plasterboard ceilings, we want to focus on the tips that make false ceilings made with plasterboard sheets a valid technical expedient.

I remember that the ornamental false ceiling is part of ordinary maintenance and therefore does not require any authorization from the Municipality. However, I recommend respecting the 2.70 ml for the main rooms and 2.40 ml for the bathrooms, hallways and closets.

countertop above kitchen

3 ideas to exploit before creating a plasterboard ceiling

Invisible air conditioning system: idea 1

Let’s think of air conditioning systems, which work thanks to an internal split and an external machine, usually located outside the window or on the balcony. The first idea for plasterboard ceilings is to create a ducted system in which the indoor unit is hidden in the false ceiling. This will deliver heat or fresh air through the vents present in each room and in each have a temperature regulation via remote controls. Each room will therefore be able to enjoy its ideal climate. And if you have the foresight to provide wife thermostats, you can also adjust the home temperature via smartphone.

Hidden electrical system: idea 2

The second idea that we propose to create plasterboard ceilings is also to use them for plant engineering purposes: in this case it is the electrical one. It is clear that the ideal situation arises when the construction of the electrical system takes place at the same time as the creation of the false ceiling from scratch: what you need to do is:

  • trace the points of the electrical predispositions
  • fix the boxes of the system with the appropriate sections of the metal profiles that have been tied and fixed to the plasterboard
  • connect the pipes to the boxes
  • fix the pipes with metal wire to the structure.

Once this is done, it will be possible to complete the false ceiling, by mounting the possible fruits in the appropriate allocation boxes, after having fixed them with the appropriate plates or using the uprights. The last step will consist in the assembly of the lighting bodies and in the realization of the connections that arrive from these to the junction boxes.

Bluetooth speaker system: idea 3

And we could not fail to describe the other idea that uses plasterboard ceilings to install a Bluetooth speaker system. In this way it will be possible to listen to music throughout the house, using only the smartphone, tablet or computer. Once the devices are connected, just activate the music player and the song will be automatically played even by the Bluetooth speakers installed inside the false ceiling.

The aesthetic aspects of plasterboard ceilings

The ideas for plasterboard ceilings that we have proposed so far concern the realization of what in jargon is defined as technical ceilings. Wanting to dwell on the aesthetic aspects, there are many ideas that can be offered for the construction of plasterboard ceilings and lowering.

The first relates to the type of false ceilings. This can be in adherence, suspended and self-supporting.

  • The adhering structure consists of a metal framework fixed to the slab by means of special hooks, on which the chosen slabs rest.
  • The suspended one has suspension elements and support elements that start from the floor and arrive at the metal frame.
  • Finally, the self-supporting structure has a metal structure that does not rest on the ceiling but on the perimeter walls thorough guide profiles.

The second category of suggestions for creating plasterboard false ceilings includes those concerning the substructure. This can be visible, hidden or semi-hidden according to the various cases. If there is the need to make the structure non-inspect able then in this case hidden guides and joints are used which prevent it from being able to be inspected. If there are cables or tops then they must be inspecting able and therefore made with the aid of inverted T profiles on which removable modular panels are supported, equipped with hatches.

Latest ideas – photos of plasterboard ceilings

The latest ideas regarding plasterboard ceilings will probably be the most popular. They are characterized by immediate understandability since they are summarized by images through the collage below. It highlights how inspirations and advice to characterize the interior of the house with plasterboard ceilings are almost infinite!