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How to clean porcelain: step by step and tips

Porcelain flooring is increasingly used in homes and apartments, in addition to the contemporary aesthetic, the pieces have advantages, compared to traditional ceramic floorings, such as greater strength and durability.

To guarantee the qualities of the porcelain floor, daily cleaning done correctly is essential. In this post, we’ll explain how to clean porcelain, under different circumstances and for different types.

How to clean porcelain after work

The first cleaning of the porcelain tile is essential, after completing the work or laying the floor, the stone may have, in addition to dust, traces of paint and grout, so a stronger cleaning must be done, but without damaging the porcelain tile .

To clean porcelain for the first time, start by sweeping the floor to collect dust on the surface. Then pass a sponge dampened with water over the entire coating.

If there are still drops of paint or mortar, use a solvent diluted in water and wipe the stained areas with a cloth.

With this first cleaning, the porcelain tile acquires its characteristic shine and can be more easily maintained with simpler daily cleanings.

How to clean porcelain daily

Cleaning the porcelain tile daily is simpler than it sounds, however, it is important to pay attention to details to obtain a clean and shiny floor, without stains or scratches.

Start by collecting dust and loose dirt on the floor. To do this, use a broom with soft bristles or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush tip, so you avoid scratching the porcelain.

Clean polished porcelain tile.

Clean polished porcelain tile.

Then dilute a spoon of neutral detergent in a bucket of water and wipe the floor with a damp cloth with the solution, avoiding excess water on the porcelain.

If after this step there is still dirt impregnated on the porcelain, place the solution on the area and let it act for a few minutes and then rub with a damp cloth.

It is extremely important to use only neutral pH detergent, as other substances can be harmful and cause stains on the porcelain.

How to clean different types of porcelain tiles 

Both the first cleaning and the daily cleaning, explained above, are suitable for different types of porcelain tiles. For a polished, matte or satin finish, it is recommended to first sweep the floor and then wipe it with a damp cloth with a mixture of neutral detergent diluted in water.

Clear matte porcelain.

Clear matte porcelain.

This cleaning method ensures a clean floor, without stains or scratches, allowing the surface to be shiny and non-slip.

How to make porcelain tile shinier

If you have done the common daily cleaning and the porcelain floor has not been sufficiently shiny, a great solution is to use common liquid soap.

Clean porcelain to maintain shine.

Clean porcelain to maintain shine.

For this, dilute the product in water, proportion 1 of product to 10 of water, and apply with a squeegee with foam or mop, so as not to leave excess liquid on the surface.

What not to use to clean porcelain tiles

Cleaning porcelain tiles can be uncomplicated and practical, as seen above. To ensure a shiny and damage-free floor, it is important to use the right products.

Avoid using products such as wax, bleach, acids, and ammonia, as these are too abrasive for porcelain.

Can alcohol be used to clean porcelain?

Yes, to clean small areas that are stained with enamels, crayons or felt-tip pens, for example; Substances that resist neutral detergent can be removed from the porcelain with a dry cloth with a little alcohol.

Care to protect porcelain

In addition to proper cleaning, the porcelain floor can be protected in several ways, in order to ensure its durability, avoiding stains, scratches, and breakages.

A first classic measure is to put felt on the feet of furniture, especially on furniture such as chairs and tables. Thus, the risk of scratching the surface is avoided.

In the event of liquid spills, it is best to clean immediately ⏤ first with a dry cloth, to absorb the liquid onto the floor; then clean the floor as daily. Thus, it avoids stains on the porcelain.

Shoes and rug at the entrance to keep the porcelain tile clean.

Shoes and rug at the entrance to keep the porcelain tile clean.

To keep the floor clean for longer and avoid dirt coming from the shoes, the best thing, in addition to a rug at the entrance of the house, is to leave your shoes in the access and walk inside with a shoe that does not leave the house, as this is cleaner than the others.

Interested in porcelain flooring and want to know more? Understand the difference between porcelain and ceramic and everything about this beautiful, easy-to-maintain floor.