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Home office: tips for a productive and beautiful environment

As many people are working remotely, it is necessary to organize themselves for personal and professional life to flow well, after all, the place where we stay most of the day can greatly influence productivity. The corner of our house where we are going to work needs, in fact, to look like a work environment, otherwise our minds end up “confusing” and, thus, it will take a greater effort to focus on the company’s tasks. In collaboration with Habitissimo, we present here some tips to decorate your home office in the best way.

The ideal space

An image containing a chair, small, table inside.

Mini home office in a strategic corner.

It is true that having a mini home office would be ideal, but that is not a reality for many people and should not be a problem. What matters, then, is choosing a place in the house suitable for this, that is quiet, has a table or bench to support the materials and a comfortable chair. A tip is to take advantage of a corner of your bedroom or living room to install some type of retractable table.

Good lighting

An image containing inside, room, table, white Environment close to the window, valuing natural light.

Choose a location near the window or balcony to make the most of natural light, as this promotes eye health and also saves energy. Just be careful not to place the table directly in front of it and too close to the window so it doesn’t obscure your view. The best thing is for light to come in from the sides. For nightfall, prefer ceiling lamps, which, in addition to brightening better, make your home office environment more beautiful.

Everything organized

clean environmentClean environment.

Books, pens and papers should always be well organized and this is usually simple. Don’t forget, however, to fix the most annoying part: the cables for your computer, printer and even your cell phone charger. There is room for so many wires! Bet on channels, pipes or boxes to organize wires and sockets to keep everything tidy and accessible, and not get in your way.

Plants give life to the environment

Home office with light colors and plants giving a decorative touch

Home office with light colors and plants giving a decorative touch. Source: Planned Furniture Sdc

As part of nature, plants lift our spirits and calm our minds. In addition, they oxygenate the environment, making it more pleasant. Take advantage of this tip and choose your favorite one to renew the air and make your home office more beautiful.

Don’t confuse the spaces

Home office integrated to the dormHome office integrated to the dorm.

Stay away from temptations. Do you have an exclusive room for your home office? Close the door and leave only the work materials there. What if the corner is in the living room or bedroom? Be even more disciplined by avoiding mixing up personal things, turning on the TV, working out of bed, or any other c onvenience that could turn into laziness.

The right chair

Home office space with ergonomic chair

Space for home office with ergonomic chair.

The last tip, but not the least, is: invest in a comfortable chair, preferably ergonomic and with arms for your home office. You’ll spend most of your time in it, and the discomfort and pain in your back or legs caused by a chair not suitable for working can damage your health and impair your concentration.