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Creative decor – turn what would go to waste into art!

The creative decoration consists of transforming an object into something entirely new.

It’s about turning an item that would go to waste, into a decor item that will add a special touch to your home. And better: you can do it the best DIY style, that is, you can do it yourself, at home.

And to start creating creative decorations, you need some tools like paint, glue, scissors and the objects you’re going to transform.

Best of all, this type of creative decor can be a very sustainable option, as it is possible to use materials that would otherwise go to waste. A good example of this is bottled.

See the light fixture you can create with a glass bottle.

bottle with lights

A flasher inside the bottle and that’s it!

And you can use any kind of bottle.

bottles with lights

Whether the soda bottles…

bottles of absolut with lights

… Or even vodka!

And the beer bottles? Well, if you fix them on the ceiling, you’ve suddenly created a super cool chandelier!

bottles as a lamp

And the colors add a super special touch!

You know that vat of paint you were going to throw away? How about making a stool?

gallon of paint as a bank

Just attach a foam to serve as a seat and you’re done!

gallon of paint as a bank

You can even use a pillow .

And even using more rustic objects, it is possible to create amazing creative decorations. See how simple it is to turn an old tire into a brand new coffee table.

tire pouf

The rope gave a totally bold style to the creative decor!

It’s the result?

tire table


What if you want to turn the tire into an armchair? You may! Look how cool!

tire seat

Just touch a few pillows and you’re done!

That old window, which used to go to waste, can also become a decorative piece.

discarded windows

Reuse is to use creativity and also contribute to a more sustainable world!

Here are some ideas:

window as mural

How about a photo panel? You can even enhance it with a clothesline with LED!

window as key holder

Another valuable tip: card holders and key rings!

If you have a wooden crate, don’t throw it away! They are one of the most versatile items in creative decorating. They can make a nice end table. Look:

crate as nightstand

The pallets are great allies in creative design.

A shoe rack.

crate like shoe rack

And the quilted top even suggests a comfortable stool.

A coffee table.

box as a coffee table

The plant complements the decoration with its delicacy.

You can even make a small closet.

box as closet

Good to help with organization.

Or a big closet.

crates as a big closet

Lots of space available.

They can even help you build a vertical garden.

pallet like garden

A creative and beautiful decoration too!

But the secret is not just to be creative, the secret is to actually do it.

We often have good ideas and we don’t put them into practice, either out of laziness or because we don’t think we can carry them out.

How about taking inspiration from these ideas and creating something to improve your home environment?

You can still try to make a special decoration, in simple and very creative ways, using pallets or even vinyl records.

If you want more decorating tips, we’ve made a complete guide for you to find out how to decorate every room in your home 😉.