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Country House Renovation

country house renovation

How can we renovate a country house? Here are some ideas to completely renovate a building of this type!

Country House Renovation: The Fundamental Works

Before thinking about colors or furnishings, it is important to carry out a series of fundamental works, in particular those related to systems and load-bearing structures.

One of the first activities to do, for a perfect renovation of the country house, is certainly to reinforce the building, acting on the load-bearing walls, on the partitions, on the roof. Once you have given stability to the house, with particular techniques such as that of sewing and sauce, you have to think about the systems.

The refurbishment of the systems allows for a much more energy efficient home. In particular, the heating system must be carefully studied, as the country house is more exposed to atmospheric agents.

The thermal and acoustic insulation of the walls is equally important; depending on the location of the house we can choose one type of insulation rather than another.

Country House Renovation: Furniture

Furniture is essential for any type of apartment, even for a country house. Generally, more natural materials such as wood are preferred for a structure of this type.

Making a kitchen or bedroom with parquet floors and wooden furnishings is a perfect solution for the countryside, not just for mountain homes.

In general, for a country house it is always good to choose a rustic and vintage style.

Restructuring a Country House with Colors

The colors of the walls help to make the house in a certain style, such as vintage. With wood we can combine colors with warm shades, such as yellow, orange, red, pink. Colors such as blue and light blue also work very well with wood.

In addition to color, you can play with particular painting techniques, or with special paints. Even a simple room can become a design environment simply by using a different color or a particular painting technique.

There are many choices we can make to renovate a country house, from the more classic ones, such as the use of wood or the construction of masonry structures, to the more modern and design ones. The choice is yours!