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Cadastral survey with square meters sq.

Cadastral Survey with Square Meters - Calculation of TARI and Commercial Area

The cadastral survey with square meters, that is the “identity document” of the buildings that is enriched with data: the square meters. With a query to the Land Registry, it is now possible to know not only the number of rooms that make up a real estate unit but also its surface area expressed in square meters. This information is useful to citizens, as owners as well as future buyers of a property and also to the tax authorities. In fact, the Financial Administration will be able to verify in a timely manner the correct tax compliance connected with the possession and sale of the property itself. In addition to the square meters, the updated surveys also indicate the total area net of uncovered areas.

Fill in the cadastral survey request

How does the TARI calculation change with the cadastral survey with square meters?

An important reflection of the new information contained in the cadastral survey is recorded on the CALCOLO TARI, ie the waste disposal tax. For the calculation of this tax, reference must be made to the overall cadastral area of ​​the housing unit without the uncovered areas (appurtenances and ancillary areas, terraces and balconies). The TARI is the only tribute that is paid based on the survey with square meters, unlike IMU and TASI. The TARI tax base it is given by 80% of the said total surface, from which therefore a lump sum that is attributed to the walls is excluded. This calculation of the tax makes it possible to parameterize it in the best possible way to the reality of each individual home. At the same time, the count of TARI carried out on the basis of square meters is more accurate and thus puts to protect the taxpayer from any objections from the Revenue Agency.

Properties affected by the novelty

It is estimated that, to date, there are 57 million properties that will have registration with square meters. The buildings concerned are those that belong to the cadastral categories A, B and C (residential and commercial properties). The properties for which it will be possible to have an updated and expanded survey are only those for which the floor plan has been presented in the Land Registry .

For other real estate units, i.e. those whose stacking dates back to the earliest stages of the urban building census, a cadastral update declaration can be submitted.
With this procedure, for which it is necessary to make use of the assistance of a qualified technician and which is mandatory in case of sale of the property, a plan of the property is included in the cadastral documents.

How to request the electronic cadastre survey?

If you want to request a survey with me from my site go to this page.

To obtain a cadastral survey with square meters of a property, you can also use the web channel of the Revenue Agency. To date, only users authorized to access the financial services of Poste Italiane can use this paid service. In fact, for each survey, the following are required:

– 1.35 euros for every 10 real estate units (or fraction of 10), in the case of a survey required by subject;
– € 1.35 per property, in the hypothesis of a survey referring to the specific unit;
– € 1.35, for the inspection of the cadastral map.

Poste Italiane charges the commissions relating to the payment method chosen to pay the amount due for the electronic survey service.

The services of the revenue agency web channel

Those who are not authorized to use the channel dedicated to the telematic cadastral survey can still know some data relating to a property. By accessing the web address indicated above, the private individual can view the cadastral income and correct any errors in the data of the properties. In addition, a parcel search service is available for rural and undeclared buildings, and for checking the status of a forwarded cadastral practice. Among other things, always from the aforementioned web page, you can book (and cancel) appointments with the Cadastre offices. If the user has the keys to access Entratel or Fisconline, he can also download the service software “Desk of the Territory “.

Enough with the complicated cadastral area calculation

In addition to the information services provided by the Revenue Agency, the internet offers others, always relating to properties. With a survey including the square meters and the cadastral plan, it is possible to calculate the commercial area of a real estate unit. It should be clarified that cadastral and commercial areas are the same thing. The service, which can be accessed from this commercial area calculation link, allows you to quickly obtain an accurate count, by entering some data of the property and a valid email address. If you notice any differences between the TARI surface that has arrived pre-filled by the Municipality and the real cadastral area of ​​your apartment to use this service.