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Apartment plans: What is flat?

There are many types of apartments, such as kitnet, studio, flat, loft, among others. Therefore, it is interesting to know the differences between them before choosing the one that best suits your needs.

If you are looking for practicality, good services, and even profitability, the flat is an interesting option.

What is flat?

Flat means “flat”. In relation to the plant, the name alludes to its smaller size.

The flat is an apartment building that offers hotel services such as cafeteria, cleaning, laundry, among others. It is a compact apartment, with infrastructure similar to that of a hotel, but without its formal protocols.

In addition, it has daily rates lower than those of hotels.

Flat with kitchen integrated to the living room. In the image you can see the refrigerator, the sink, the cabinets, the sofa and a corner table with chairs and lighting.

Also called apart-hotel and service flat, it was initially built for use by both permanent residents and those seeking temporary rent. Soon, a building of flats houses residents and guests.

For those who decide to stay longer, in addition to the complete furniture available, another advantage is that expenses are included, that is, electricity, water and internet bills, for example.

How does the payment work?

As this is a smaller development, compared to a standard apartment, and which has serviced similar to those of a hotel, it is common for people to be curious about the amounts charged.

The amount to be paid considers a series of items, such as Building and Urban Land Tax (IPTU), accommodation and condominium fees, as residents and guests share common areas. The fee can include most services, but it can also vary.

Flat living room with sofa, carpet, flat screen television and coffee table in the living room. In addition to dining table, chairs, mirror and chandelier.

The decoration enhances the space.

Basically, it works differently for the three possible payers:

The owner who resides in the apartment pays for the condominium. When renting the space to another resident, you receive the value of the package consisting of IPTU, rent, and condominium (paid by the resident or guest), being responsible for the monthly settlement of the condominium.

The lessee (who rented the apartment) pays the owner only the rent, although he is also responsible for paying the condominium ticket.

The real estate agency that manages the flat receives the value of the package from the guest or the resident, but the monthly payment for the condominium is their responsibility.

Flat services

Rest chair next to a basket with fresh cherries located in the pool area.

Most of the flats have 24-hour services, which are guaranteed and guided in the development itself. There is no outsourcing, and services are included in the condominium fee.

The services offered vary depending on the administrator, but most are maintenance of common areas, laundry, security guaranteed by reception, full-time concierge, cleaning, gym, change of bed and bath linen, cable TV, swimming pool, daily housekeeping, bar and restaurant, among others.

What is a rental pool?

In addition to guests, residents, and owners, who seek comfort, privacy and practicality in flats, there is another type of rental.

The pool is a type of rental in which many owners associate themselves, together, with a hotel management company and provide their flat for rental through an adhesion contract with the management company.

At the end of each month, the income and expenses of the condominium are calculated and, by discounting the administration fee and the reserve fund, the participating partners divide the balance equally between them.

Living room with sofa, chair, pillows, carpet and coffee table.

It is a Participation Account (SCP), in which the administrator is the ostensible partner, while the owner, individual or legal entity, is the participating partner.

This type of lease is an interesting form of investment, as the participating partners have a guaranteed return. In addition, the pool is a type of rental that is not limited by the legal retentions of the Tenancy Law, which gives more freedom to the owner.

So, when you need a practical and functional space to spend a short period of time, that is, a temporary stay, the flat is a great option!

If you are interested in learning about other types of apartments, you can check out more articles like this one, through the series “Apartment Plans”.