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5 products for a geek decor

One of the coolest aspects of decor is that you can plan it according to your style. And geek decor is a great example of how to decorate a room based on your personality.

Also called geek, the nerd audience refers to fans of technology, epic sagas, electronic and board games, books, comic books, movies, manga, and series. That is, there are countless possibilities that can be used in your home decor, in the best geek style.

And if the inspiration is the movies, whether it’s Gotham City, Planet Tatooine or Wakanda Country, it can come from wherever you want. It can be a phrase, a character or even an object that reminds you of your favorite narrative. The rule is to express yourself freely, however, you want.

Nerd decor is creative, playful, and fun. So, nothing fairer than selecting cool items that match your style and can also bring a special functionality to the environment.

Check out, below, a selection of five products to have geek decor at home.

1 – Darth Vader Doormat

Nerd decor with Darth Vader doormat.

“Welcome to the dark side!”. This doormat brings an imposing touch to your decor, after all, the welcome is given by none other than the greatest villain of all times: Darth Vader!

An interesting and fun way to greet your visitors. And it still makes reference to one of the most beloved sagas of geek culture, Star Wars.

2 – Harry Potter coasters

Harry Potter coasters.

Speaking of dear sagas, of course, the most famous wizard of all would be present! How about an elegant coaster, with the coat of arms of the houses of Hogwarts and some important symbols of the saga?!

Just like the sorting hat, you can distribute the coasters to your guests in a playful and fun way. This is the Harry Potter magic present in your home, be it Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin.

3 – Batman Lamp

Geek decor with Batman lamp.

When it comes to superheroes, surely Batman is one of the first that comes to mind, after all, he’s prepared! Recognized for his amazing comic books, old series, animations and successful feature films, the batman soon became an icon.

This lamp is a lot of fun, as it has a sticker that creates the optical illusion that the superhero’s logo is nailed to the wall! A great choice to brighten up your bedroom, for example, and also bring a little bit of Bruce Wayne’s universe into your home.

4 – Friends Board

Frame from the Friends series.

Lately, many people have been experiencing a strong nostalgic feeling. Friends is an American television series, much loved in the 1990s, that always evokes this kind of longing. That’s why it’s an interesting idea to bring this nostalgic atmosphere to your living room, for example, through a painting from the series.

This painting has a different relief and refers to the opening of the series, which had the soundtrack I’ll be there for you, sung by many people and even by younger generations. Very youthful and creative.

5 – Wonder Woman Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock Wonder Woman.

Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman, is one of the greatest superheroines. It has inspired people since its inception in 1941. For fans, its collector’s items are a delight!

You may be in the habit of using your cell phone alarm clock to wake up, but you would certainly have a boost every morning with this beautiful alarm clock from Themyscira’s superheroine. Furthermore, it is also a retro item that refers to a more vintage type of decoration, without losing the authenticity of a geek decoration.

Live long and prosper!

Now that you’ve selected your favorite items, you can prepare to decorate your home according to your style, while still reflecting your personality and the best of geek culture. Guarantee of a beautiful, cozy and stylish home!