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Check out Tommy Hilfiger’s apartment which is for sale for $80 million

Tommy Hilfiger’s apartment is for sale for US$80 million, the equivalent of R$240 million. Did you find it expensive? Before, it was $75 million.

That polo shirt you might be wearing right now helped (just a little) Tommy Hilfiger buy and decorate this 12-bedroom duplex apartment overlooking Central Park in New York.

The apartment is located in the duplex penthouse of the Plaza Hotel, on 5th Avenue, facing Central Park, more precisely on the 18th and 19th floors. For those who like cinema, it’s the same hotel where The Great Gatsby was filmed, with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The real estate agency that was in charge of the sale called the apartment “the glamor of bygone eras, with 21st-century conveniences”.

When looking at the photos, this description is very clear, due to the decoration with classic furniture combined with several pop art paintings, from the personal collection of Tommy Hilfiger.

Initially, the apartment, still unfinished, went on sale in 2008 for $50 million, right in the middle of the US crisis. It did not sell, so the real estate agent decided to finish the apartment with an impeccable finish, to sell it for US$ 80 million.

It still didn’t sell, so they reduced the price to $75 million, thinking the problem was price. Well, a while went by, the proposals didn’t come and they realized that it is indeed a magnificent apartment, it just wasn’t being well presented.

Now they have completely redone the decor and posted the spectacular photos you see below. Oh, and the price is back to $80, but knowing the history, we recommend you try negotiating. 😉

Duplex penthouse with panoramic views

Welcome to the duplex penthouse at the Plaza Hotel in NY.

Decorated with many pop art paintings, including original pieces by Andy Warhol.

Retro kitchen, 50s style.

A toy library using the traditional colors of the Tommy brand.

The entrance hall. If something is to be expected, let it be in style.

A room that is in every girl’s imagination.

This one is much more masculine.

Dining room with a huge ceiling, taking advantage of the upper duplex space.

Dining room with gold-paneled walls.

Pop art married to classic.

Wood-paneled library with original sign from The New York Times building.

Living room with fireplace, blue neon lights and views of Central Park.

The master suite, with a very neutral color palette, maintains the sumptuous luxury.

Master suite bathroom. It really looks like a luxury hotel bathroom, after all, this is the Plaza Hotel.

You can make the check.

See the presentation of the fit, by Tommy Hilfiger himself.