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USB sockets are already delivered to the most modern apartments

USB sockets represent a part of the simplification of digital life that a connected apartment provides

Plugs are becoming more functional to serve us more simply.

Anyone who has a lot of devices is very familiar with the problem of excess wires and adapters specific to each one.

USB sockets will replace the tangle of wires and adapters

The most up-to-date construction companies, such as Setin, Esser and Odebrecht, have already created modern apartments that have infrastructure for home automation, biometric locks and even USB sockets.

The great benefit of USB sockets is that you can charge the devices with just the USB cable and do not need the adapter, which is usually a hassle.

The solution is especially useful for us Brazilians who have recently seen the national outlet pattern being changed, but, in practice, many people haven’t done the updates yet.

Also, have you ever been to another country and had to buy a plug adapter to charge your devices? Well, frequent travelers eagerly await the worldwide adoption of this standard.

The USB jacks come with an input ready so you can just plug in your USB cable.

USB sockets

USB sockets in new apartments

Residential technology is no longer a luxury exclusive to more expensive apartments.

Today it is difficult to find a person in São Paulo who does not have a smartphone, so it will become more common for new apartments, regardless of type, to come with USB sockets.

USB sockets for charging cell phones

Esser will deliver USB sockets to Le Village family apartments at Casa Verde.

Setin will deliver USB sockets to modern and compact apartments at Setin Downtown Estação da Luz, in downtown São Paulo.

And Odebrecht will deliver the high-end apartments on the Cayowaá 412, in Perdizes, with the blessed USB sockets.

USB-C will become a standard for all devices

USB-C is a new USB standard, much better than any that have existed, and will start to be adopted by all companies, including Apple, which has already released a MacBook with the new technology.

New Macbook with USB-C input

USB-C has 5 great technological advantages that will make USB jacks even more useful.

1. Allows you to charge your cell phone in less than an hour

In tests with a Galaxy S6, which has one of the best batteries of any cell phone, it fully charged in 50 minutes, using an adapted USB-C port.

2. Input is symmetric

The USB-C has the same measurements on the sides. This means you no longer have to look for the right side to fit the cable. Whichever way you dock the charge will work.

3. Charge your notebook too

The USB-C supports up to 20 Volts per 5 Amperes, that is, 100 Watts, which is a usual current of notebooks and so you can also charge your notebook.

USB-C also charges your notebook

4. High data transmission speed

Say goodbye to your HDMI cables. The maximum speed of USB-C, in theory, is 10 Gbit/s. That’s enough for a 4K video with 60 frames per second and sound.

5. Compatibility

The new standard can be used for a variety of purposes, such as charger cables, monitor cables, adapters and many other formats can be retired. It can replace all these patterns on the right you see in the image below.